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Spirit Gifts LLC

Mimi Brown, 

BSBM, Spiritual Psychologist, MATP 


I am delighted to share my journey of a transpersonal experience with you!

Through my professional and volunteer work; past, present and future, I have merged my experiences with my desires to demonstrate a more embodied spiritual life.

I have been able to take the best of my history and build it into facilitating weekend spiritual retreats, creating spiritually inspired jewelry and workshops.

Spirit Gifts was born from a small bookstore I owned with a good friend of mine. We sold everything from recovery and spiritual books to unique gifts and craft materials. When people began to hang out around the store, we added a small coffee and tea section. Next, talk led to finding more time to speak on spiritual growth and healing, and the tools needed for healthy living.

My husband Willie and I planned the first retreat with donated food and a van, and invited men and women from drug treatment facilities and the shelter where he volunteered, for a weekend in the mountains. I chose this group wanting to give them a chance to experience the hope and possibilities of a life rich with God's promises.

At the same time, as a volunteer at my daughter's school, I presented workshops for mothers during the workday to aide them in improving their employable skills, motivating and teaching them to serve others, and simple coping skills as they dealt with day to day stresses.

I continued to plan and host retreats, expanding to the general population and specialized groups. Ranging from topics as diverse as "Inner Child" to "Real Christians in a Real World". Seminars and workshops were tailored for the needs of the audience, and I've been asked to do quite a bit of team building and board development.

I was born in Atlanta, and although I am pro-public schools, I attended several private schools in Atlanta that have broadened my experience - Haughabrooks Academy, Pace Academy, St. Anthony's, St. Joseph and St. Pius X, where I graduated at the age of 16, entering Spelman College's Engineering program that same summer. I also attended Atlanta Area Technical Schools and earned a drafting certificate. I received my bachelor's degree from Western Governor's University for Business Administration, and have been awarded a Masters degree at Sofia University's Masters program for Transpersonal Psychology, specializing in Spiritual Psychology. Currently, I am considering training for an Intergrative Healing Arts Practitioner. From time to time, I attend numerous counseling technique and other health and spiritually related training. Needless to say, I am a lifelong student!

I recently retired to focus completely on family, making jewelry and volunteering.

The older I get, the younger I really am. I've learned to flow with the rythym of life - most times! I like cats a lot, I adore Mother Teresa and I love God! My sincere desire is to serve, to inspire and to offer hope to anyone I encounter, and while on this journey I am extremely blessed to have two wonderful daughters, Telena and Kimberly, two truly special grandsons, Edward & William, a granddaughter, Mimi -a supportive mom and sister AND sis-in-law - Telena, Penny and Dr. Pat! I am truly blessed to have had a loving husband, Willie, who supported me in all my endeavors and persuaded me to leave full-time employment and to follow my dreams.

I am still evolving - as you will too! I still enjoy making jewelry, but it has become more and more a spiritual practice rather than a commerce endeavor. Stay tuned for more, because I am!

If you're interested in exploring your spiritual gifts, go here to begin exploring!

Peace, Blessings and Goodwill on your journey!


Retreat Brochure and Retreat Slideshow