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Spirit Gifts LLC

The Turtle Story - in memory of Willie Brown, Jr.

At a convention in Charlotte, shortly after Willie died, a woman wearing a crudely made frog on a leather string approached my table. I had recently bought some sparrow charms to go on the spiritual journey braclets that I make and for every three birds, the company sent a frog charm - go figure!

Anyway, I wondered what I'd do with them; maybe give them away or use them in one of my classes. So when I saw this lady's frog, I asked her what did it mean.

She said a friend had made it for her, that she'd made one for many of her friends to celebrate a particualr spiritual anniversary in her life.

As she was telling me this, a very tall woman with blonde hair wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans and one of the most apparent, radient, beautiful spirits I have encountered walked up and the woman told me, "This is my friend who made the frog."

When I asked her why and what did it mean, she said, "It symbolizes my spiritual journey - slow and steady, gathering wisdom and patience along the way and at the times I feel threatened or scared, I'll retreat into my shell and regroup, but i eventually come on back out to try again."

As she was telling me this, I felt a chill and when she finished, I had tears in my eyes as I told her, she'd just described my husband! The tall blonde then turned to her friend and told her to give me the necklace, that she'd make her another one. 

Without hesitation, the first woman took off the frog necklace and placed it around my neck, hugged me, and whispered in my ear, "You know Willie hugs you through us".

My prayer to you is to see the frog as an instruction on living, much as the book of James gives how-to infromation on strenghtening our faith in our daily walk.